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                              Guidelines for Mr Voëlkop 2017.


                                                          This year’s theme:

Entrees will be judged during the prestige Mr. Voëlkop competition on 25th November 2017 on the following categories:


 1)   Crowd response:


  • How well does the crowd respond to entrees appearances?
  • How well did the entrée interacted to the crowd and judging panel?
  • What is the likelihood that the entrant will do the “walk and talk” regularly during his reign as the title holder?


2)    Presentation:


  • How well did you respond to the MC’s questions?
  • How effective is the entrants’ dress code?

3)    Creativeness:

  • What differentiate an entrant from other, i.e. what is standing out from a particular entrée?
  • Did an entrée change dress code during the competition i.e. from theme to swim wear?
  • How well does the entrant make use of the ramp?



  1. Entrees will NOT be expected and / or asked to be naked during the prestige Mr. Voëlkop competition on 25th November 2017!!!
  2. The completion starts at 8PM sharp.
  3.  Entrants and MC to gather in the Winter Bar, fully geared at 8PM sharp.

Guidelines for the 2017 competition.
Guidelines Mr VKop 2017.pdf
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