2018 Happenings

25 - 29 May:


Home made soups and breads kept the cold away.


27 April - 2 May:


Long weekend and Cook off


The judges were impressed by the high quality of products, and the way teams traded to get hold of more ingredients.



  Rules applied:

  • There were 5 teams of 5 each.
  • A basic mystery basket was be given to each team (containing only the basic ingredients.
  • Any additional ingredients required, could be traded from the other teams in any currency form....
  • Cooking utensils were supplied.
  • The judges especially paid attention to the taste and presentation of the dishes.

The winners  received prizes:

  • The winning team got a free weekend for 4 on the farm.
  • The winning team, also qualified for a Champion breakfast on Sunday morning.

29 March - 2 April:


Easter weekend was enjoyed - Big hats and Bonnets made from material found on the farm.


23 February - 25 February


Bear hug and picnic to collect baby milk and diapers for charity.