Miss Trash is an event like no other. Beauty is taken and twisted with a  dash of trash to give the audience a show full of color and glamour, infused with the occasional wit of eccentric shenanigans. It surely will deliver a slap stick reality comedy. This historic event has been running for the past 20 years of which the reign of the title is carried for a whole year.


The winner's responsibility is to ensure that future events are attended and assisted to.


In brief,  Miss Trash is the Queen of fun, mayhem and also an ambassador . If you think you have the spirit to do this, then enter and strut your stuff.


Yours always and wickedly good.


Her Royal Princess Ms Trash Patricia Stone.



Please complete form in order to participate as a contestant in this prestigious event.
Please deposit the completed form in the post box at the bar.
2018 Ms Trash Entry Form.pdf
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