2018 Happenings



Gay Spring Games on 21- 23  September.


Do not miss this event on Saturday 22 September for all the money in the world ! ( Full occupancy rates apply for certain accommodation types (Please inquire with Glenn).


The Grand opening of the 2018 games will as usual be a spectacular scene !



 26 - 28 October



1 December










Beer fest. Go big with specials on drafts and German food and join the "scary as you can be" party afterwards.

"Mr Voëlkop". The prestigious "Mr Voëlkop" event takes place on Saturday 1 December. Make sure you do not miss it for any reason. Attractive prizes are given to the winner for the theme Santa cums early and his two princes.


December holiday:
- Christmas Lunch.
- Biggest New Years Eve party to be seen at !
- Spectacular Fire work display.

Last update:  14 Sept 2018