2019 Happenings

November 29 - December 1:


Start your own political party and become the Mayor of Voëlkop. Start campaigning  and arrange public meetings. Public speeches will be heard and voting will take place on Saturday November 30 in a fair and free Zimbabwean style. Please read the IEC declaration and rules carefully:

Voëlkop Mayor Elections 30 November 2019


IEC Rules and Registration Process .
The IEC Leadership hereby declare the rules and registration pertaining to the Mayoral Election to be held at Voëlkop on 30 Nov 2019.


  1. Registration of individual parties no later than 9 AM on the said date, when the election will commence.
  2. The IEC will consist of member(s) from Zimbabwe, and will be open to non-disclosure bribes and corruption.
  3. Each party standing must prepare their own party name and a mission statement of possible non-achievable goals and bribes (to be made visual to all voters).  Materials for display will be available. 
  4. All parties registering will be eligible to pay 1000 South African cents during registration .
  5. Voting, will take place at 2 PM on the said date; election results will be made known by 3 PM in an utmost fair and non-transparent manner ,

Voëlkop December Holiday Dreams.

Join our family where new and old friends meet.

December 25:

  • Legendary Traditional Christmas Lunch
  • Pre drinks at the pool and starters followed by Voëlkop’s famous buffet and deserts! (R200 per person including wine & soft drinks)

December 31:


  • The New Year’s Eve Pajama Party see you into 2020 in your sleep wear (whatever that might be!)
  • Glenn’s Spectacular Iconic Firework Display (R200 per person cover charge)

December holidays (book early to ensure accommodation and see note about peak season bookings and full occupancy rates).

Be ready for Voëlkop’s 30th birthday during 2020 !

Last update:  5 Nov 19